Python scripts

Beginning in fall 2019, I began learning Python as a way of automating or speeding various tasks, mostly related to digital asset management. I used the excellent lessons from Library Carpentry to learn the basic principles and syntax of Python, then began experimenting with gradually more complex tasks over the following months. The following pages describe and link to a selection of scripts I have written since fall 2019.

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Bagging scripts

Python scripts used in creating bags according to the Library of Congress’ bagit-python tools


A simple program that compiles TIFFs into a single PDF, either once or recursively

Fondo Real de Cholula book & metadata splitter

A function for distributing images and descriptive metadata into book-level directories, for the Fondo Real de Cholula project.

Directory report generator

A function for gathering the size of all directories within a drive or folder and tracking them over time.