Archival Neutrality and Archival Authority


Earlier this week my friend and colleague Hannah Alpert-Abrams published the following article:

Tamy Guberek, Velia Muralles, Hannah Alpert-Abrams; ‘Irreversible’: The Role of Digitization to Repurpose State Records of Repression, International Journal of Transitional Justice

I want to highlight an important (short) passage on page 5, about the establishment of the AHPN as a public archive staffed in part by “former militants, communist and labor union members, civil society activists, and young people with family members who had been detained, tortured or disappeared during the most repressive years of the internal armed conflict.”

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Come work with me!

LLILAS Benson is looking for a Latin American Metadata Librarian to contribute to our Mellon Foundation grant project, “Cultivating a Latin American Post-Custodial Archival Praxis”. This is a two-year position, though like mine there is always a chance the scope and length of the position will expand. There are two listings: a Librarian I position for those new to the field, and a Librarian II position for those with more experience. Both have great pay and offer an exciting opportunity to work in a dynamic and forward-thinking environment.

Here’s a link to the job posting on SALALM.