Article on neoliberalism in the Journal of Critical Library & Information Studies

I have a new article about neoliberalism and post-custodial archival theory, in the Journal of Critical Library & Information Studies:

This article, co-written with my close colleagues Itza Carbajal (Latin American Metadata Librarian) and Hannah Alpert-Abrams (former CLIR Post-doctoral Fellow in Data Curation and Latin American Studies), is the culmination of our collective attempts over the past 18 months to interrogate our work in a new light. The article includes discussions on the following:

  • Historical context for the emergence of the post-custodial paradigm in the 1980s and its transformation in the early 2000s
  • The effects of neoliberal austerity on labor conditions at LLILAS Benson and elsewhere
  • The theoretical implications of transnational digitization for ingest into a shared online repository
  • The need for a clearer, more explicitly collective motivation for post-custodialism, to resist neoliberal co-option.

This was an immensely rewarding writing process. Hannah and Itza are fantastic colleagues, and JCLIS is a home for refreshingly frank conversations around difficult topics. It’s an honor to have our article featured there alongside so many great pieces by writers I admire.

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